In John 2 we see Jesus’ first miracle where he turns water into wine and there are a few things I want to point out in this story.

First, this wasn’t part of Jesus’ original plan but Mary asks and has faith that He can and will do it.

Second, He involves the servants even though He could do it without them.

Third, He asks the servants to use the jugs they already have and fill them with water. Some translations say they “fill the water to the brim”

What miracle are you hoping will happen but haven’t had the faith to ask? Are you willing to be obedient and available to let God use you to be a part of His miracles? Where do you need to “fill the water to the brim” and do the best you can and let God take care of the rest?

God is ready and waiting to do something supernatural in your life and He wants you to be a part of it. Pray specific prayers and believe for big things to happen over these next few weeks.