As a child I never really understood the line “was blind but now I see” from the song Amazing Grace. John Newton, the author, wasn’t speaking of actual blindness but instead, spiritual blindness, and we’re reminded of that in John 9.

Regardless of our past spiritual experiences, we all have moments in our lives where we are blind to who God is and what He is doing around us. We walk around lost but He constantly calls us back in, and when we finally accept Christ in our lives He begins to give us sight.

I believe the Lord shows us little by little according to where we are in our faith journey. He begins to reveal areas of our lives that need tending to and helps us through each moment. When we are blind we don’t see anything wrong with our actions or see a way out of our circumstances, but when God opens our eyes He begins to transform our lives. We can now see the hope that He provides and the steps we need to take to become free.

Thank you Lord for giving us sight and bringing us to you. By your grace, that we do not deserve, we can see that the future you have for us is far better than we can imagine. Now that You have given me sight Lord what steps do I need to take to begin my journey with You? Help me see the doors you are opening for me. Little by little reveal Your will in my life and help me have faith to follow.